What Is Domain Flipping?

Domain “flipping”, or “domaining”, is essentially the business of buying and selling the form of internet real estate properties, known as domain names.

What’s A Domain Name?

A domain name is a specific web address for a specific website. Whenever a person builds a website, for example : http://www.elitedomainprofits.com, “elitedomainprofits.com” is the domain name. Domain names can be made up of any single word, number, or a combination of words and numbers, and are generally related and indicative to a specific niche or topic. Generally speaking,  “bowhunter.com” isn’t going to be a site about tea time in England. It might make sense to think of your domain name as it’s own plot of land on the internet.

Ok, Got It. So What?

In the physical world around us, investors all over the world make fortunes by way of buying properties at market low prices, then selling them for premium prices to the right buyers. In the internet world, people like you and me are making our fortunes doing the same thing. However, unlike trading real property – anyone can do it. Domain flipping doesn’t require years of studying or thousands of dollars in tuition, or even a state license to get started. In fact, you don’t even need to have a fancy suit, good credit, or thousands to invest in properties. You do however, need to learn the basics.


Pssh, How Hard Can It Be?

It’s not that it’s particularly difficult to be successful at flipping domains. I stated before that anyone can do it. However, it’s not something you can just jump right into. Since it is a business, you have to treat it like one. You wouldn’t go jumping feet first into starting a hot dog stand without doing the proper research, planning, and training, would you? Of course not. And just like any business, you are going to be willing to invest some of your own hard-earned cash to get started. On the bright side, you don’t need to invest nearly as  much to get started as you would for a hot dog stand. There are people making thousands a day, and there are people just putting some extra cash in their pocket. The only difference between the two? – Knowledge.

Sounds Like A Get Rich Quick Scheme….

Yeah, that’s what I thought at first, too. I’ve tried all the scams out there personally. I’ve probably lost enough money to scams to pay my student debt. I speak from experience when I attest that this is a valid and rapidly growing industry, and a legitimate easy money making business model. Go ahead and be skeptical and click the exit tab. That’s fine with me.

Why Should I Believe You? This Is Obviously A Sales Pitch…

I’m not selling you anything. I’m informing you. I’m telling you that there is a legitimate income to be made from your home, the best way to do it, best resources to use, and that’s all. This site is for people who are sick of the scams and are serious about finding out how to make a decent living in the internet world

Why Does This Matter To You?

At the beginning of this year I had no job, no income, and knew only one thing – that I never wanted to lower myself to getting walked all over for a crap wage – ever again. I hated seeing my daughter watch me have to beg for the day off for her birthday. I was sick of never being home with her because I was heading to work right after she would get home from school. I hated how exhausted I was all the time, and how little I had to show for it. My daughter was starting to become more distant from me because of my regular absence. I was feeling hopeless because I was just barely getting by, struggling. Being a disabled veteran only able to hold down some low-wage, part time work, with the worst bosses ever, (saying a lot coming from a Marine) just wasn’t cutting it. I have a daughter to raise. There’s no way in hell I’m ever going to let her have any reason to think her father is a failure.

I had tried all the scams there were; or at least it felt that way. I had started an online store, which slow going at first. I had also been dabbling in affiliate marketing and making a few bucks a week with that. Still, I was spending a ton of time online just barely making the same as my old crappy job, still struggling. I didn’t have much to spend, but having made a couple bucks online from my store and ads did open my eyes that not all online businesses are scams. When I stumbled onto domain flipping, I was hesitant, but it seemed pretty low-risk, so I said “why the hell not”. After investing everything I had saved from my other semi-successful ventures, spending countless hours of research; and after scouting out every domain-flipping guide, system, and software, I finally bought a few domains, and started playing around with various strategies. I made a few sales, but nothing like the huge profit margins the “pros” were claiming.

Where Are You Going With This?

Well, it was a slow start as I played around with different strategies. With all the “learn it all here” courses I tried, I still hadn’t figured out how they were getting paid top dollar for their domains. Some strategies included buying them in bulk, with all the various extensions (.net, .org, .biz, etc) and selling them as a package – but even that strategy only yielded about fifty dollars profit per sale – that’s nearly doubling your profit, but not quite. I went searching for more and more tips and info and came up with a wealth of information on my own, which I am going to share in these blogs, for FREE! I then found the absolute best program of all which put all the pieces together and taught all the real high return  yielding tips and strategies that all those “professional” programs weren’t telling me. I was finally able to put it all together and start crushing it on the domain name market! To put it into perspective – a month ago I was retrieving my car from repossession – like I said, I was still barely making it. Now today I’m finalizing a sale that will be paying off my car loan completely.


I want to share the information that I have gathered with people who need it, and are serious about entering the domain name industry. I’ll be sharing information here for everyone to use to their advantage. Follow this page for more upcoming content that will hopefully help you become successful. If you want the video course that I found to be the most helpful and beneficial to my own domain flipping business, click here. If you’re only interested in the free info, that’s fine, too. Just make sure you follow us so you don’t miss anything! I’m willing to share what I have learned, but I don’t claim to be an expert. I’ve learned a lot over the last few months, but I know there’s still more to learn. I hope you enjoy learning with me and someday maybe we can swap success stories. It won’t cost you anything to follow this blog, so I highly recommend you do so! 728x90 - Green